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France 1 server

This is the very first SimAgri server, it opened in 2005. The most senior players are on this server. It has big farms. Interactivity is high, you'll find a lot of cooperatives, dealers, transporters etc... Thus, it has a lot of competition.

Difficulty : 60% 3/5
Actives :957 players
France 2 server

Identical to France 1, it opened in 2006. There are less players but cooperatives, dealers, transporters and such are well developed. You can find there many players doing good in livestock genetics.

Difficulty : 40% 2/5
Actives :669 players
France 3 server

Third and last France server, it opened in 2009 and has a smaller population than the two other. Cooperatives, dealers, transporters and other activities can still be developped in some regions. There you can buy plots easily.

Difficulty : 40% 2/5
Actives :1 298 players
Belgium 1 server

This is a very active server. cooperatives, dealers, transporters and others are well developped. You will meet there experienced players. You will also discover an exclusive breed, the Flemish Goose.

Difficulty : 60% 3/5
Actives :181 players
Switzerland 1 server

This server has a small population but is offers a nice challenge as it is not easy to develop cooperatives, dealers, transporters etc... Breeding wise, you can find there breeds exclusive to this server like the Simmental (cattle), the Nera Verzarsca (goat), the Swiss (hen) and Engadine (sheep).

Difficulty : 80% 4/5
Actives :81 players
Canada 1 server

This server has large plots (up to 200 hectares) and machines typical from North Amercia. You can breed there an exclusive breed the Ayrshire (cattle) and grow rye.

Difficulty : 60% 3/5
Actives :182 players
U.S.A. 1 server (recommended)

A server with large plots up to 200 hectares and where trips and vehicule movements are quite long. You will find there machines specific to North America and exclusive breeds of cattle, goat, sheep, pig, poultry and duck. You can grow cotton.

Difficulty : 80% 4/5
Actives :262 players
Expert server

On this server, you will have to manage your farm with only the man power of a couple (on the other servers there is no limit in the man power you can use). You will have to make the right choices on this imaginary territory (made of 2 regions). If you want to be limit free this server is not for you. But if you want to face a challenge in farm management just go for it !

Difficulty : 100% 5/5
Actives :127 players
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We would like to remind you that SimAgri allows only one account per person and per server. Thank you for respecting this rule. Not following this basic rule (which is in use in the large majority of online games) means to be banned from SimAgri. Have a good game.

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