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What's new on SimAgri ?

Order ascending / descending list of your animals

On the list of your animals you can now sort them in ascending / descending order. Previously only sorting in ascending order was possible.

Milking and egg picking pack : new option

A new option has been added to the milking and egg picking pack. You can now choose the milkings that will be transferred to your cheese dairy. For example if you want to produce your cheese at noon you can request a transfer only for the first 2 milkings of the day. You will not lose the milk transferred unnecessarily on the other 2 milkings.

By default, all milkings are selected for transfer.

Label Calf / Lamb

The Label Calf / Lamb under the mother has just been extended by one day. Previously the animal lost its label just before changing age category which resulted in difficulty to identify it in order to sell it. Now, the little one appears well in the animals to grow and you will be visually informed of the presence of the label.

VIRB horses and ponies

VIRB is now open for horses and ponies! To get horses and ponies to develop, you need to unlock the places by achieving genetic goals.

VIRB is now available on the Expert server!

New challenge

A new challenge has been added: Your best turnover Milk.

We will record the turnover of all sales of milk production that you made during the challenge.

A challenge will only concern the milk of a species (cow, ewe or doe) and may be specific to organic.

Sick animals

We have just added a new risk of your animals getting sick (if they are not vaccinated!).

Now, if an animal has not eaten or not drunk for a day or more it is likely to get sick.

Automatic building shelters

Developed quickly last week to house the cattle that came out of the barns, the automatic building function has been improved. You can now define for a category of animals in which buildings (several choices possible!) the animals must go and the maximum percentage that you allow for filling (to leave room for births, growths ...).

Breeding choice cattle barn/pigsty

You can now apply a type of breeding to your cattle barn and pigsty in 1 click (litter or grates). An icon is also visible on the list of your buildings to inform you of the type of breeding in progress.

Cattle barns activated

We have just activated the cattle barns.

- For players who had requested a conversion of their barns, it has just been completed (if the barn included only cattle or if it was empty).

- Cattle that were housed in unconverted barns are now in the arrival pen.

- you can always make an immediate conversion of your barns in cattle barns (empty barn only!). We leave this opportunity a few days.

- you can now define on the sheet of your housing if you want a breeding on litter (manure) or slatted (liquid manure, a little less important growth of the animals).

Transition Barn/ Cattle barn

On Tuesday, November 27, cattle barn will replace the barn for cattle. No more cattle will be sheltered under a barn. To make the transition smoothly you have 2 possibilities:

- if you already have barn that only serve your cattle, simply activate the conversion on your barn sheet. On Tuesday, November 27th your barn will become a cattle barn In case you also store goods or equipments (in addition to cattle) it will be necessary to sort. A barn will be converted to a cattle barn if it is empty or contains only cattle.

- If you want to keep your barns, you have the opportunity to build cattle barn. They will not be operational until 27 November.

On November 27, cattle that are housed in barns with equipment / goods or for which the conversion is not activated will be put in delivery pens.