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What's new on SimAgri ?

Composting area

The composting area makes it easier to make your own compost.

You just have to drop your manure there and teh composting process will start the following day for 14 days. 2 windrow inversions will be needed to get all your compost : between the 4th and 5th day and between the 9th and 10th day.

You can call a AWC to make windrow inversions in your composting area for you.

The old composting plot compostong is still available.

A compost Pack is also available. I makes windrow inversions automatically so you don't lose your manure. (also works on plots)

There is no more shelf life for the compost, you can keep it as long as you want and you can even sell it to other farmers. ( RACs don't buy compost ).

Compost purchased from another farmer can be stored in the manure pit.

Moving the compost in the fields for spreading is not required. It'll be taken directly from the composting area or the manure pit.

Manure, sugar scum and compost already in fields can be loaded in a trailer and mloved to other fields or to a manure pit.

AIC : End of contracts

AICs can now end several "ANIMAL" contracts at once.

RAC : several improvements

Several improvements have been made to the RAC feature:

- You can now accept all "Plot" contracts just in one click

- You can make an EXCEL export of your stocks

- Your stock and your current contracts will show when you apply for offers to tender or when you accept contracts from your salesman.

- Your stock and and the quantity ordered will show when you buy alfalfa pellets or raw material for the feeding plant or the oil works.

- The feeding plant maximum production capacity has been doubled.

Machines ranges update

Several machines are not available as brand new ones anymore :

- Case IH : 3 machines are not built anymore
- JCB : 4 machines are not built anymore
- New Holland : 7 machines are not built anymore
- Ploeger : 1 machine is not built anymore
- Renault : 2 machines are not built anymore
- Vaderstad : 4 machines are not built anymore

These machines have been replaced by new models during the last SimAgri Show.

AIC : Improvements

Several improvements have been made on the AIC program :

- When looking for a male on the Genbook, a filter has been added on the stock of doses available, this will reduce the number of males on the list.

- We added a secondary sorting on the "Animal" and "GenetiSim" contract lists so you can sort them according to the animal genetics.

- A paging has been added on the "GenetiSim" contract list.

- When sampling, only the labs where there is room left and the inseminator has enough APs left will show.

New equipments


New livestock species

New livestock species have been added. This is a new challenge for SimAgri genetics specialists. In order to gain access to the new species, you have to call the livestock seller.

Red Holstein


Milking pack : milk transfer to the dairy

The milking pack parameters have been improved.

- Specific parameters by breed

- Choice given between transferring a percentage of the milking or a definite quantity.

Warning : the old parameters are not available anymore, so you will have to set new parameters if you wish to transfer milk to the dairy.

Corn : change in seed amount

Seeding corn fields now uses 25 kg per hectare vs 150 kg as it was before.

Woody meadows : managing help

You can now easily see your out of order woody meadows ( lacking corral, broken corral, unfenced meadow, broken stakes).